Protect Your Worksite And Construction Materials

Inclement weather could affect your ability to complete construction projects on time. Shrink wrap is a product that you may want to use to secure each worksite and construction materials. 

Damage And Dirt Buildup

Leaving scaffolds, ladders, and unfinished construction projects uncovered could be a mistake. Unprotected materials are prone to wind and water damage. They are also left susceptible to dirt buildup. 

Ineffective Products

Tarps and bungee cords that are used to cover exposed roofing materials and other new construction materials may not provide the protection needed. Products that do not provide an adequate seal are prone to coming loose. High winds could cause tarps and cords to separate from the materials that they are covering. When this happens, new construction is exposed to gusty winds and precipitation.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap can be used to cover electrical cords, roofing materials, scaffold platforms, ladders, and any other items that you intend to leave outdoors for an extended duration. Shrink wrap that is designed for use on construction sites comes in rolls.

A heat gun can be used to attach shrink wrap sections together. The 'welded' seam that is created will prevent air from entering. As a result, materials remain dry. Shrink wrap can be used to insulate all of the items that you need for your construction projects.

Usage Guidelines

Review some shrink wrap products. The thickness of the wrap may vary among products that different manufacturers sell. The consumer guidelines printed on wrap products will outline how you will need to 'heat weld' pieces of the wrap. Heat welding eliminates air gaps under pieces of the wrap. It ensures that the wrap lays flat while it is actively covering materials.


Decide when you will use construction shrink wrap. Select the materials that you will be protecting during each job. You may want to prepare plans at the beginning of each construction project.

Even if you won't necessarily need to use shrink wrap during an active project, it is a smart idea to have plans in place in case an unforeseen weather event prevents you from working. Keep shrink wrap and a heat gun on each jobsite where a project is taking place.


Teach your construction crew members how to secure a jobsite. This will require the workers to cut pieces of shrink wrap for each item they will be covering. Afterward, they will need to join pieces of wrap together. Practicing the proper methods to use will guarantee that your workers can confidently protect construction materials when they are using shrink wrap.

For more information on construction shrink wrap, contact a professional near you.

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