Installing The Best Gooseneck Body For Your Truck And Trailer

A gooseneck trailer can add towing capacity to your truck because the load weight sits over the truck's rear axle. However, some trailers require more clearance along the back and side of the truck body, so gooseneck truck bodies can be necessary for some truck models to ensure the trailer does not hit any part of the truck when towing.

Steel Truck Bodies

Gooseneck truck bodies are available in styles that will fit varying needs, but most share a few traits. Low sides and a short tailgate are often the best ways to ensure you have the turning radius and clearance for your trailer. 

Steel trailers may have minimal sides to keep the weight down and the strength high while maintaining clearance around the bed. Steel gooseneck bodies often look like flatbeds, and when the trailer is not in use, they offer plenty of cargo hauling area and a durable platform on the back of the truck from which to work.

Some steel gooseneck truck bodies will have toolboxes integrated into the design and tie-down rings on the deck to allow straps to be attached should you need to secure something to the body when the trailer is not in use. While steel bodies are extremely durable, they can be heavy, so they are not always the best option, but how you use your truck can play a role in what type of body you choose.

Aluminum Truck Bodies

Lighter weight and nearly as durable as steel, aluminum gooseneck truck bodies are an excellent option for truck owners seeking a good-looking body that is still strong enough to use for work but offers lower maintenance and flexibility than steel. Aluminum gooseneck truck bodies also offer natural corrosion resistance without the need to repaint them every few years, so for many truck owners, aluminum offers more benefits than other materials.

Often these truck bodies use a recessed hitch ball, allowing you to cover it when not in use. In custom applications, the sides of the body may have integrated toolboxes or custom fenders that look more like cut-down stock fenders to allow clearance for the trailer. There are also custom builds made to fit a specific use, but these are often much more expensive than a standard truck body and require a fabricator to make it fit your vehicle.

The gooseneck truck bodies available through aftermarket manufacturers are vast, and the designs differ for many of them. The best place to start when you need a truck body is with a dealer that offers many different brands and can recommend a few styles based on your use case and the truck you drive.

For more information on gooseneck truck bodies, contact a professional near you.

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