3 Tips To Prevent Common Winter Problems With Your Industrial Boiler

During the winter, when your facility might be busier than ever, you don't want to have problems with your industrial boiler. Of course, there are actually specific challenges that you have to worry about during the winter. These are some common industrial boiler problems that often happen during the winter and a few steps that can help you prevent them.

1. Insulate Pipes and Water Lines

Just as you should insulate the pipes and water lines within your house, you should do so with your industrial boiler. Pipes that are exposed to cold temperatures can freeze up, leading to them either not working at all or bursting completely. The same thing can happen with water lines, but this can happen much more quickly, since water lines are thinner, and the water in them can freeze much faster. Insulating pipes and water lines helps with this.

2. Drain the Boiler and Water Lines 

Even if water lines are insulated, draining them and the boiler itself when the boiler isn't going to be in use -- particularly when it's very cold -- is wise. Otherwise, the water inside the boiler's tank could cause it to crack, and obviously, water line problems could happen as well.

3. Check the Fuel System

Lastly, there can be issues with the fuel system of your industrial boiler during the winter. When it gets cold, fuel can become much thicker than usual. This means that it might be sluggish in going through the fuel lines. If there are even minor clogs or imperfections in the fuel lines, the fuel might not be able to pass through as it normally would because of the gel-like consistency that it can develop in the winter months. Checking all of your industrial boiler's fuel lines before winter is a good start. You may also want to switch to a winter mix of fuel to help prevent the thickening that usually occurs, or you can add an additive that is designed for winter use.

Taking the right precautions can help you prepare for the challenges that your company might face with its industrial boiler this winter. Of course, things can still go wrong, but if they do, you don't have to panic. Many companies that offer industrial boiler repair services offer their services 24/7, including during the holiday season. This means that you can call someone to help if something goes wrong, even if it happens late at night on Christmas Eve or at another time when it's pretty inconvenient.

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