Use Industrial Boilers? Components That Make Up The Gas Train

One part of the industrial boiler is the gas train. It is very important that this part works well because if it does not, the boiler will go down. The job of the gas train is to feed the propane or natural gas to the burner. Once the propane or natural gas is in, the pressure is adjusted and stabilized. The gas train is made up of many components. Below is information about these components so you can understand how the gas train works.

Sediment Trap

The first of these components is known as the sediment trap, but you will also hear it referred to as a dirt leg. The sediment trap collects dirt and moisture coming from the natural gas that feeds into your building. It is important that this trap is cleaned periodically so it does not overflow with dirt or moisture.

Manual Gas Valve

The manual gas valve allows you to manually control the gas. The piping the gas valve connects to is connected to the burner pilot assembly. The gas valve has a handle that is next to it. When the gas valve is open, the handle is in a vertical position. If the gas valve is closed, the handle is in the horizontal position.

Gas Pressure Regulator

The gas pressure regulator monitors the gas pressure at all times and regulates the pressure. If you want to change the gas pressure setting, you do this by replacing the spring and adjustment screw with another spring and adjustment screw that allows higher or lower pressure settings. The gas pressure has a vent that leads to the outside of your building. A bug screen should be placed on the top opening of the vent to prevent debris from building up inside of it.

Low and High Gas Pressure Switch

The low gas pressure switch will cut off power to the burner if the gas pressure is below a certain level. The high gas pressure switch is located between the manual gas valve and the burner. This will shut off power to the burner if the gas pressure is too high. Both the low and high gas pressure switch has a reset, so you can reset the switches in case they trip.

There are other components of the gas train you should learn about. To do this, talk with a company that sells gas trains, and they can give you a lot of information.

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