Features To Look For When Purchasing Forming Oil

Forming oils are necessary for the lubrication and maintenance of machine elements. While there are many oils on the market, they are not used for the same purposes, and you will need to make sure you select the right oil for your machining process.

Low Aromatic Content

Many forming oils have a low aromatic content; this means that the oil will not produce a strong odor that would be distracting or even disorienting for those engaged in machining.

Fewer Hazards

Some forming oils do not contain chlorine. They also do not cause oil mist or contain heavy metals. All of these can cause health problems for your employees. For instance, if the machining equipment might require an oil mist collection device to protect employees.


One of the benefits of some forming oil products is that they age very slowly and can be used for a long period. This is useful if you must keep the oil in storage for a long period without using it. However, when keeping oil in storage, you should ideally keep it in a dry location at room temperature.

Viscosity at a Range of Temperatures

Forming oil maintains a good viscosity at a range of temperatures. When oil does not contain a good thickness, it may cause the machinery to clog and can increase the risk of damage or malfunctioning machinery. The forming oil should be easy to pump and spray.

Corrosion Resistance

Forming oil should provide corrosion resistance.; this will prolong the life of your machinery. They will help improve the cleanliness of your machining processes to reduce the risk that your machinery will malfunction.

Suitability for Your Machining Processes

Make sure to choose a forming oil that has the highest pressure resistance. Always use a forming oil that is designed for the specific process the oil will be placed under. For instance, if you will be using the forming oil for the fine pressing of aluminum, you will need a different product than if you would be using forming oil for the stamping of low-carbon steel.

Find out the type of materials that a particular forming oil product can be used with. For instance, some forming oils can only be used cold-formed steel. Also, make sure that the forming oil will be economical for the process it will be used under. But when you find the right forming oil product, your machinery will last longer. 

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