Choosing A Machine Shop For Your Precision Machine Work

When you need a machine shop to perform some precision work on a part or project you are working on, giving the work to the first shop you come across might not be the best idea. How do you know that they have the experience or expertise to do the work you need? There are some things you can ask before you give them the work and you should not be afraid to be selective about the shop you use. Not all shops are going to be the right fit for your project.

Ask Your Friends For Suggestions

If you have friends that have used a machine shop for work similar to what you are looking to have completed, ask them who they used and if they were happy with the work. People who are close to you are not going to be afraid to tell you if the shop they used was great or if they had a bad experience with them. If your friend had a bad experience they will most likely be quick to tell you about it.

Consider The Type Of Work They Do

If there are several machine shops nearby but one calls themselves an automotive machine shop, it might indicate that they work exclusively on engines and other automotive projects. If you need a precision shop to machine custom parts for your project, they might not be a good fit. They may be a great shop for resurfacing heads or boring engine blocks but if they do not have the right equipment or experience in the type of machining you need, consider looking elsewhere for a shop to work with.

Visiting Local Machine Shops

Don't just call the machine shops you are considering. Take the time to stop in and visit the shop. Sitting down with the owner or the foreman of the shop is a good way to get a feel for the shop and the kind of work they do. It is also a good way to discuss your project and get a feel for the confidence level of the shop and their ability to complete the work the way you need it done. If you are even a little concerned about their ability to complete the work to your satisfaction, it is okay to tell them you will be in touch and move on to the next shop.

The Right Fit

When you find the right machine shop to work with, you will know it. The shop that offers the kind of work you need and you feel comfortable working with, that is the one you want to give the work to. It might not be the biggest machine shop in the area but if it feels right, you might just have to trust your gut feeling and give them a try.

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