3 Tips For The Safe Use Of An Air Compressor

Many of the tools and processes used in an industrial setting rely on compressed air. Utilizing an air compressor to generate this compressed air can be beneficial when it comes to the smooth operation of your production facility. While an air compressor can be a valuable asset, this machine can quickly become a serious safety hazard when not used properly.

Here are three tips that you should keep in mind to ensure the safe use of your air compressor in the future:

1. Check hose fittings before each use.

Before you switch on your air compressor each day, you should take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of the hose fittings. Any fittings that are loose or damaged should be replaced immediately.

Faulty hose fittings can not only compromise the performance of your air compressor, they could become projectiles once compressed air begins to move through your machine with use. Taking the time to carefully check each hose fitting prior to use will help to keep you safe as you use your air compressor in the future.

2. Make sure your compressor is properly grounded.

Most air compressors rely on electrical currents to generate the highly compressed air needed to power the tools and production processes connected to them. While electricity is a valuable asset for an air compressor, it can also become a serious safety hazard when it is not managed properly.

You should check to ensure that your air compressor is always plugged into an outlet that is properly grounded. This will help to prevent power surges that could damage delicate electrical components or start an electrical fire within the compressor during use.

3. Conduct maintenance while the compressor is cold.

It's important to invest time and energy into the proper maintenance of your air compressor, but maintenance tasks should only be performed when the compressor is cold. The engine and moving components within an air compressor can become heated during use.

Checking fluid levels or adding fuel and oil while these temperatures are elevated could cause your air compressor to generate toxic smoke or spark a dangerous fire. Schedule maintenance tasks prior to firing your air compressor up at the beginning of each day to ensure maximum safety.

Having access to a functional air compressor is important, and the safe use of this vital machine should be a priority. Be sure that you are checking for faulty hose fittings before each use, using only grounded outlets to provide power to your compressor, and performing maintenance only when the air compressor is cold to ensure your machine doesn't become a safety hazard.

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