3 Tips For Operating A Parking Garage Without A Full-Time Attendant

If you are trying to operate a successful parking garage, you might assume that you are going to need to have full-time attendants in place to make sure that the place is ran properly. However, this is not necessarily a necessity. These are a few tips that can help you operate a successful parking garage without a full-time attendant:

1. Use an Automatic Parking Barrier System

First of all, you should know that some of the automatic parking barrier systems that are on the market nowadays can help make running a parking garage a whole lot easier. These systems can be used to restrict the people who enter your parking garage, to receive cash for paid parking and more. Depending on the purpose of your parking garage, you should be able to find an automatic parking barrier system that will do the trick.

2. Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in your parking garage is always a good idea, but it can be a particularly good idea when you aren't going to have attendants working in the parking garage on a constant basis. By installing security cameras, you can help deter people from doing things like skipping out on paying for their parking or committing crimes against other people in the parking garage or their vehicles. You can also check in with your security cameras remotely so that you can see what is going on in your parking garage at any time, which can be a nice alternative to having someone working there constantly.

3. Make Sure Everything is Well-Marked

Along with collecting parking fares and keeping people safe, parking garage attendants often help with things like guiding people to help them determine where to park. However, if you make sure that everything in your parking garage is well-marked, this might not be necessary. Painting directional arrows on the concrete, putting up signage about where people can and can't park and taking other similar steps can help you ensure that the people who use your parking garage are able to find their way around without any additional help.

Even though some parking garages are fully monitored and ran by full-time attendants, this is not always necessary. It can be possible to operate a successful parking garage without full-time attendants, but you'll need to take a few certain steps. By following these three steps, you can help ensure that your parking garage is successful, and you may be able to avoid the cost of hiring full-time employees to run it as well.

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