Understanding The Benefits Of A Stamped Concrete Patio

When upgrading the exterior of your home, consider adding or upgrading your existing patio with a stamped concrete design. Concrete is diverse and can be manipulated to create various patterns and textures. When you use stamped concrete for your patio, you can add a variety of visual elements using materials such as flagstone, cobblestone, slate, and tile. However, these styles are not just limited to the patio, you can extend the design to have your patio match the pool deck, sidewalks or extended driveway. In addition, stamped concrete is considered durable and low maintenance. The information listed below provides some benefits of using stamped concrete for your patio design.

Concrete Versatility

Stamped concrete patios differ from traditional wood styles because you can better  integrate high-tech options, such as glass features within the panels. In addition, you can also add tinting to the glass, making your patio more versatile and stylish. Concrete elements added onto the patio also allow you to tap into your creativity. For instance, you can use the natural exposed surface of the concrete as the main stone and then add marble or granite as the backdrop for the side panels of the patio. Stamped concrete can also be engraved with your family name or other monograms. You can also create etched designs in the concrete to add patterns or other textured elements.

Concrete Cleanliness

Stamped concrete is easy to clean, allowing you to spend as little time as possible on this particular chore. The surface of the concrete is smooth and can be cleaned down with mild cleansing soap and a bristle brush. First, you should simply hose off the deck to ensure any surface dirt and debris is washed away. Then you can use a milder cleanser and brush to scrub off any scum that may be stuck to the surface. This should make the stamped concrete look as good as new.

Concrete Maintenance

Stamped concrete is considered low maintenance because you don't have to worry about peeling paint or chipped wood on the surface. When you use stamped concrete for your patio design, you typically only have to worry about resealing the corners and fasteners as they begin to show signs of cracking at the seam. In addition, all fasteners should be checked to ensure they are still intact and don't show signs of coming unconnected.

If you are still unsure if stamped concrete material is a good option for your home patio design, consider consulting with a contractor from companies like Pendleton Ready Mix Inc.

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