Common Myths About Ordering Custom Packaging Materials

If you own a small business, ensuring that you develop and grow its branding will require a comprehensive strategy. Unfortunately, business owners may not fully utilize all of their options when it comes to growing their brands. In particular, opting for customized packaging can be an excellent way of helping to firmly establish your brand. Often, this oversight will stem from being misinformed when it concerns having these shipping materials made.

Myth: It Is Too Expensive For Small Businesses To Order Custom Printed Boxes

Small business owners may face a series of challenges when it comes to ensuring their business' financial expenses are met. As a result, these individuals may assume that having custom shipping boxes printed will be too expensive. However, the cost of printing these boxes will largely stem from the amount of printing that needs to be done as well as if there are any customizations that will need to be made. For example, if you only have your logo and company name printed on the box, they may not cost much more than ordering plain boxes.

Myth: You Will Always Have To Provide Your Own Design

Having an attractive logo printed on the exterior can be an invaluable form of branding for your boxes. However, there are many business owners that will be intimidated by the thought of needing to hire their own graphic designer for this work. Luckily, many custom packaging providers appreciate the fact that business owners may want to avoid this expense. To meet this need, these services may offer a range of tools to make designing your own logo a simple task or they may even offer full-service design solutions so that you can be sure your logo looks as good as possible.

Myth: The Printed Boxes Will Degrade While They Are Being Stored

There is a common concern that the printed boxes will not be able to be stored for long periods of time due to the ink degrade. Often, this belief will come from individuals noticing that the ink on stored boxes will start to appear faded. However, this is most often a result of improper storage. Intense heat and moisture can cause the ink to slowly degrade over many months, but this can easily be avoided by using a climate controlled storage area. Considering the sizable benefits branded packaging can provide your enterprise, the negligible additional expense for this type of storage can be a wise investment.

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