Tips For Keeping Your Auto Mechanics Safe From High DPM Exposure

Auto repair shops using generators and other equipment that burn diesel fuel should take special precautions about exposure to diesel exhaust fumes. Running a generator or other equipment in an enclosed area can be dangerous. Learning more about the impact diesel fumes can have on yours and your employees' health is important to avoid deadly consequences to over exposure to exhaust fumes produced by burning diesel fuel.

Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Is Harmful

The organic carbon compounds produced during the combustion of diesel fuels contains polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). PAH has been found to cause cancer in lab animals. If your mechanics are exposed to diesel exhaust in your shop, they are at risk for respiratory problems and lung cancer. Your workers might exhibit symptoms like eye, nose and throat irritation. Other symptoms include headaches and nausea. If you or your mechanics have experienced these types of symptoms in your shop, you should take a close look at how the diesel fumes created by your generators and equipment are being vented out.

Lowering The Risk Of DPM Exposure In Your Repair Shop

Taking steps to lower the risk of exposure to DPM in diesel fuel exhaust is important and should be addressed right away. Follow these tips for helping you manage the exhaust fumes from generators and equipment in your shop:

  • Housing for generators: Every generator in your shop should have its own housing built adjacent to your building so the fumes they create can remain outside while you run the wiring for power generation indoors.
  • Installation of exhaust extraction systems: if your shop is large enough that your mechanics park cars inside it to work on them simultaneously, the level of exhaust fumes, from vehicles that use diesel and petro fuel, can be deadly. Having an overhead exhaust extraction system installed is a good idea and a wise financial investment in your auto repair business.

Some extraction systems are specifically designed for extracting the fumes created by diesel-powered auto repair equipment while others can be attached directly to the exhaust pipe on a car. Taking advantage of these systems is a good way to promote a healthier work environment in your auto body repair shop.

Education And Training Is A Key Factor For The Safest Operations

Ensuring that your mechanics are aware of the dangers of diesel exhaust exposure is vital to your shop being run smoothly and safely. Planning training and safety meetings for your mechanics is a good idea for letting them know what you expect when it comes to the safe handling of equipment that produce diesel exhaust. You can download training publications from OSHA about diesel exhaust for helping you in your safety meetings.

Running a safe auto repair shop is one of the best ways to increase your customer base and increase your profits. Take the time to learn every way you can make your shop a safe place to work. For more information, contact companies like Ferrell Fuel Co Inc. 

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