How To Tell When A Forklift Battery Should Be Replaced

Has your forklift been operating a lot slower than it usually does and you have no clue why it is happening? The root of the problem might stem from there being a problem with the battery. It is possible that you need to invest in getting a new battery, but you have the option of buying a used one if it is more ideal for your budget. In this article, you will learn about a few of the signs that points to a forklift battery needing to be replaced.

The Battery Case is Corroded

If there is any corrosion on your battery case, it is likely the reason for your forklift not operating as fast as it should. The connector tips are one of the main things that can cause problems if they are corroded. For instance, when the connector tips are full of rust or debris, it can prevent the cables from transmitting enough power to the transmission for the forklift to fully function. You can actually get corroded connector tips replaced rather than having to invest in a new battery.  However, a severe amount of corrosion that extends to multiple areas will likely mean that a replacement battery is necessary.

There Are Loose Cable Connections

If there are any cables loose on your battery, it is one of the most obvious signs that a repair is necessary. You can hire a contractor to attempt repairing loose cables, but it might not do any good if your battery is simply damaged from being old. Make sure that a battery with loose cables is replaced in a timely manner if it is necessary. Continuing to use a battery with loose cables can lead to other problems, such as sparks, overheating or a fire hazard.

Smoke Comes from the Battery

When a forklift battery begins to smoke, you should promptly invest in getting it replaced. Stop using the forklift altogether when there is smoke present because it means that a fire is likely imminent. You might also notice that the smell of sulfur comes from the battery when it is at risk of sparking up a fire. Keep in mind that you should pay attention to smoke that occurs when the forklift is being used, and also when the battery is being charged. Invest in a new battery as soon as possible if you know that the current one is damaged beyond repair. It is also possible to find used forklift batteries, good enough for use, for sale.

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